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Rune Stones | Laser Engraved Small Runes Box

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| 24 Elder Futhark runes | Small Set | Necromancy | Nordic Mythology | Norse

This box has elements of Nord mythology and contains 24 Elder Futhark rune stones.

1) FEHU represents Livestock. It symbolizes Wealth, Abundance, Success, Security, Fertility.

2) URUZ represents a Bull. It symbolizes Strength, Tenacity, Courage, Untamed Potential, Freedom.

3) THURISAZ represents a Thorn. It symbolizes Reaction, Defence, Conflict, Catharsis, Regeneration.

4) ANSUZ represents an Estuary. It symbolizes the Mouth, Communication, Understanding, Inspiration.

5) RAIDHO represents a Wagon. It symbolizes Travel, Rhythm, Spontaneity, Evolution, Decisions.

6) KENNAZ represents a Torch. It symbolizes Vision, Creativity, Inspiration, Improvement, Vitality.

7) GEBO represents a Gift. It symbolizes Balance, Exchange, Partnership, Generosity, Relationships.

8) WUNJO represents Joy. It symbolizes Pleasure, Comfort, Harmony, Prosperity, Reward, Success.

9) HAGALAZ represents Hail. It symbolizes Nature, Wrath, Being Tested, Overcoming Obstacles.

10) NAUTHIZ represents Need. It symbolizes Restriction, Conflict, Willpower, Endurance, Self-Reliance.

11) ISA represents Ice. It symbolizes Clarity, Stasis, Challenges, Introspection, Watching & Waiting.

12) JERA represents the Year. It symbolizes Cycles, Completion, Changes, Harvest, Reaping Rewards.

13) EIHWAZ represents a Yew Tree. It symbolizes Balance, Enlightenment, Death, The World Tree.

14) PERTHRO represents a Dice Cup. It symbolizes Fate, Chance, Mystery, Destiny, Secrets.

15) ALGIZ represents an Elk. It symbolizes Protection, Defense, Instinct, Group Effort, Guardianship.

16) SOWILO represents the Sun. It symbolizes Health, Honor, Resources, Victory, Wholeness, Cleansing.

17) TIWAZ represents the god Tyr. It symbolizes Masculinity, Justice, Leadership, Logic, Battle.

18) BERKANA represents a Birch Tree. It symbolizes Femininity, Fertility, Healing, Regeneration, Birth.

19) EHWAZ represents a Horse. It symbolizes Transportation, Movement, Progress, Trust, Change.

20) MANNAZ represents Humanity. It symbolizes Individuality, Friendship, Society, Cooperation, Help.

21) LAGUZ represents Water. It symbolizes Intuition, Emotions, Flow, Renewal, Dreams, Hopes & Fears.

22) INGUZ represents a Seed. It symbolizes Goals, Growth, Change, Common Sense, The Hearth (Home).

23) OTHALA represents Inheritance. It symbolizes Ancestry, Possessions, Heritage, Experience, Value.

24) DAGAZ represents Dawn. It symbolizes Awakening, Certainty, Illumination, Completion, Hope.

Made from Veneered Oak and finished with Danish Oil.

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