Platter Matter

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| laser cut | record player | Audiophile slip mat | HiFi |
Able to offer the listener a better experience due to the absorption of vibrations.

Platter Matter turntable mat

Acrylic is regarded by many as one of the best options for turntable platters as the material is virtually the same as a vinyl record. This makes acrylic far better at controlling resonance generated by the stylus scrubbing in the record groove than traditional felt, cork, or leather mats

Upgrade the aesthetics and acoustic performance of your turntable with this attractive Platter Matter slip mat.

Engraved label recess for a perfect vinyl to mat contact

Logo free design- let’s face it you don’t want my Platter Matter logo all over this do you?

Created from our precise laser cutting machine and engraved to build in the label recess.

We all cherish our record players but they also stand to idle for some time.
Why not add an attractive platter matter to your turntable

These acrylic Platter Matters are laser cut to a size of 29.5cm and 3mm thick


Made to order and available in multiple colour options

Handling time 1-3 days

Shipping UK 2-3 days transit time
Shipping ROW 7-15 days transit time

This listing is for the slipmat only.