Blitz - Take No Prisoners Live CD Platinum Bundle (Exclusive to FiF)

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Forged in Flame have partnered with the majestic and mammoth rock band Blitz to offer a range of merchandise.

We have an exclusive Platinum bundle not available anywhere else. (some items may be available separately)

1. Take No Prisoners Alive card slip case CD - Released September 2021

2. Platinum coasters (90mm) of our rising stars 

Stu - Vocals and Bass

Kev - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Mat - Drums and Vocals

Blitz - Logo and Take no prisoners Live (Exclusive to this bundle only)

3. Blitz logo Dog tag and chain

4. Blitz Bomb Key ring 

5. Blitz full colour sticker 100 X 75mm 


Coasters come with silicone pads.  Made from metallic acrylic and laser etched with the finest focus laser to produce the band images in glorious detail.


This platinum bundle is not available anywhere else.