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Crystal reading grid |Tree of life in Flower of life

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| Oak crystal grid | Laser engraved| Divination reading | Reiki Reading

The tree of life moon phase crystal grid, will allow you to recharge and to heal and manifest. The crystal stones do not come with the grid. These must be purchased separately.

The board or grid is a sacred thumbprint and template. Using sacred geometry, the energy of the crystals and one's own intentions, we tap into a universal language of vibration, energy, and arithmetic. When arranged and set this creates a shift in energy in and around us and ultimately brings about the change we desire.

Birth | Abundance | Health | Fertility | Fortune | Love

The Flower of Life contains all geometric forms and symbolizes the cycle of creation and the Divine. It reminds us that we are made from and exist within the same blueprint as everything else. It is unity of all that exists. The Moon cycle on this board is there to encourage you to work with our moon cycle. Releasing what no longer serves you on the Full and planting the seeds of New Beginnings on the New are two good places to start.