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Crystal grid - Tetrahedron

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This is a laser etched crystal grid rafted on oak veneer wood snd backed with velvet

The 64 Grid Tetrahedron is the first harmonic of the cuboctahedron geometry & with the scalar octave growth which eventually become the infinite holofractographic vacuum structure of the entire Universe – Nassim Haramein.

The eight star tetrahedron makes up the 64 grid tetrahedron lattice. The seed space geometry which is both fractal & holographic, also represents the concept of time which is the tetrahedron grid & when put against the flower of life, the spheres represents space. This is where time & space meet.

Metaphysically this symbol is symbolic to linking up our individual spiritual paths with our soul star or soul family in perfect harmony. It holds this energy due to its combination of trees of life which are symbolic of an individual’s path to source.

Sacred Geometry grids are designed to work with sets of crystal healing stones to assist in manifestation for a specific intention or purpose. Sets of crystals & stones are used for ritual magickal or spiritual crystal healing purposes or with Reiki-Seichim energy work for healing.