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Rune casting board and 24 Elder Futhark rune set

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Made from Redwood veneer for the casting board and Oak veneer for the rune stones.

This is a full set of 24 Elder Futhark Runes and a casting board.

Both the board and runes have been laser engraved

ᚠ Fehu F Cattle, prosperity, gain of some sort, fulfilment
ᚢ Uruz U Wild ox, strength, life force, determination
ᚦ Thurisaz Th Giants, Thor, brutal force, unexpected change
ᚨ Ansuz A Mouth, Odin, communication, transmission of knowledge
ᚱ Raido R Wagon, travel, movement, introspective journey
ᚲ Kaunaz C/K Fire, warmth, energy, power, positive attitude
ᚷ Gebo G Gift, fortuitous outcome, partnership, commitment
ᚹ Wunjo W Joy, success, lasting emotional happiness
ᚺ Hagalaz H Hail, limitations, delays, forces outside your control, disruption
ᚾ Nauthiz N Patience, passing through a difficult learning situation, hardship, need
ᛁ Isa I Ice, plans on hold, frustrations
ᛃ Jera J/Y Harvest, reaping of rewards for past efforts, justice
ᛇ Eihwaz E Yew, Yggdrassil, endurance, ability to achieve goals with resilience
ᛈ Pertho P Mystery, occult knowledge, randomness, coincidence, secrets uncovered
ᛉ Algiz Z Elk, protection, support, wisdom of the Universe
ᛊ Sowulo S Sun, victory, awareness, energy
ᛏ Teiwaz T Tyr, success in a competition, warrior strengh
ᛒ Berkana B Birth, new beginnings, fertility, true home
ᛖ Ehwaz E Horse, movement, steady progress, physical shift
ᛗ Mannaz M Humankind, interdependence, collective potential
ᛚ Laguz L Water, evolution, cleansing, female figure
ᛜ Ingwaz Ng Successful conclusion, relief, personal development
ᛟ Othala O Heritage, possessions, ancestral wisdom, home
ᛞ Dagaz D Day, increase, steady growth, awakening

The size of the casting board is 3mm thick and 250mm x 250mm

Each rune stone is 35mm x 25mm and 3mm thick

Usually takes 1-3 days in production

Shipping is 1-3 business days transit in the uk and 7-15 business days for the test of the world.

finished in Danish Oil