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Witches Rune casting board and 12 Witches rune set

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Made from Redwood veneer for the casting board and wood veneer for the rune stones.

This is a full set of 12 Witches Runes and a casting board.

Both the board and runes have been laser engraved

The size of the casting board is 4mm thick and 280mm x 280mm

Rune descriptions:
Romance - Chemistry and working together
Woman - Women, nurturing, and healing
Man - Men, conquering, and defending
Harvest - Rewards for work, the right path
Sun - Protection, attention, and wealth
Moon - Changes, cycles, and ancestors
Flight - Information, travel, and movement
Rings - Connection to others, contracts, marriage
Crossroads - Choices, opposition, and conflict
Star - Hope, wishes, and destiny
Waves - Intuition, mystery, and emotions
Scythe - Endings, transformation, and danger
Eye - Vision, realization, and wisdom

Each rune stone is 35mm x 25mm and 4mm thick

Usually takes 1-3 days in production

Shipping is 1-3 business days transit in the uk and 7-15 business days for the test of the world.

finished in Danish Oil